8 Week Cycling Race Training Plan

Cycling Race Training Plan

Duration: 8 Weeks
Level:  Intermediate / Experienced
Training Zones: Heart Rate / Power

Training Plan

Our 8 week race plan is structured to skyrocket you form ahead of your key events. Through specific V02, anaerobic and threshold workouts, we increase your form in the shortest of times. Suited to the intermediate or experienced cyclist that needs some quick form ahead of their races. Tailored especially to towards these events and your current fitness.


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Our training plans include a free 60 minute consultation with our coach. Our coach then bases the schedule around your fitness and lifestyle. All paid plans are built for you.



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Very professional and supportive

Very professional and supportive in my training. The training is based around my lifestyle but also adjusted when my work takes over. Recommended for anyone that has limited time and needs cycling coaching to fit around their business lifestyle.
- Freddie C

Huge Improvements!

I have been through many coaches during my cycling career but no one has offered me the help sportcoaching has. From feedback and unlimited contact to the huge improvements I have made 30% increase in my FTP
- Darren

Two months already

I am two months already into the cycling coaching and already seen a marked improvement. Over 40 watts at my threshold power. I am happy, to say the least! Thanks for some great coaching and look forward to the rest of the season.
- Tommy Presta


Each Training plan is built for you without the added cost of a coach analyzing your data. Giving you the best of a custom plan without the added monthly cost.


All plans below are available via trainingpeaks or in a downloadable pdf file. Making it easier for you to follow and understand.


All training plans come with a free 60 minute consultation so our coach can gather as much data and knowledge about your past training as needed.


Once we have had our free consultation, our coaching will begin the training plan and deliver it to you within 12 hours.


Full details are provided for each workout. Our workouts are also available to be exported to Zwift, Garmin, Suunto and other platforms.


Our training plan zones are based around your past data and using heart rate, speed and/or power. If you don’t have any past data our plan will be based on perceived exertion

Want to Know More?

Cycling Training Plans

How to get started
– Choose one of our cycling training plans
– Fill out the relevant information and check out, alternatively contact us via mail and we will explain the relevant options for you.
– Download Training Peaks from your App Store and setup your account here.
– Connect your athlete account to SportCoaching account by clicking here .
– Once you have chosen your training plan and made payment, you will be contacted to arrange a meeting via Skype or whatsapp.


What You Need To Know?

All our cycle training plans are custom built to each person. This means after purchasing a training plan, we will contact you for a meeting where we look at your current fitness and analyze your past training. We then starting building your chosen training plan. Once the plan is finished, we then upload it to your Trainingpeaks account where you can access this on any mobile or computer.


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