24 Week Beginner Ultra Marathon 100k Training Plan

Beginner Ultra Marathon 100k Training Plan

Duration: 24 Weeks
Level:  Beginner / Intermediate
Training Zones: Heart Rate / Speed 

Training Plan

For the runner looking to complete in their first 100k ultra marathon event. Through specific workouts, structure and periodization, our 100k ultra plan will help you finish the 100k event strong. Thus keeping you injury free and healthy leading up to it. For the runner that has some experience in running and ideally has completed multiple 10k or longer events. Not recommended for complete beginners with no running experience.


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Our training plans include a free 60 minute consultation with our coach. Our coach then bases the schedule around your fitness and lifestyle. All paid plans are built for you.



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Exceptional help for a newbie runner

Exceptional help for a newbie runner like me, not only does sportcoaching help elite athletes but looks after newbie runners like myself and goes above and beyond to see me improve
- Christina Williamsson

Fantastic good Coach

Fantastic good Coach, given me great progress. Highly recommended if you want to make progress.
- Jean Kristin Veibye-Hauge

Best Results!

Having Graeme as a coach for a full year has help me improve drastically. I could not have been more prepared before an Ironman race. I am impressed on how well the coaching plan was fitted to my fitness level and also to my personal schedule and daily life. I highly recommend sportcoaching to everyone that needs a well-suited training plan and wants help with achieving the best results
- Francis


Each Training plan is built for you without the added cost of a coach analyzing your data. Giving you the best of a custom plan without the added monthly cost.


All plans below are available via trainingpeaks or in a downloadable pdf file. Making it easier for you to follow and understand.


All training plans come with a free 60 minute consultation so our coach can gather as much data and knowledge about your past training as needed.


Once we have had our free consultation, our coaching will begin the training plan and deliver it to you within 12 hours.


Full details are provided for each workout. Our workouts are also available to be exported to Zwift, Garmin, Suunto and other platforms.


Our training plan zones are based around your past data and using heart rate, speed and/or power. If you don’t have any past data our plan will be based on perceived exertion

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Running Training Plans

How to get started
– Choose one of our running training plans
– Fill out the relevant information and check out, alternatively contact us via mail and we will explain the relevant options for you.
– Download Training Peaks from your App Store and setup your account here.
– Connect your athlete account to SportCoaching account by clicking here .
– Once you have chosen your training plan and made payment, you will be contacted to arrange a meeting via Skype or whatsapp.


What You Need To Know?

All our training plans are custom built to each person. This means after purchasing a training plan, we will contact you for a meeting where we look at your current fitness and analyze your past training. We then starting building your chosen training plan. Once the plan is finished, we then upload it to your Trainingpeaks account where you can access this on any mobile or computer.


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