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winter training for triathlon

Winter Training for Triathlon

Training for Triathlon in winter?


In Europe right now the winter is in full swing, and triathletes based in the Northern climates need to adjust training to the weather constantly. Some decide to stay outdoors as much as possible, while others tend to make use of health clubs or gyms over the winter months. Some countries like Sweden where the temperature reaches below -20deg, planning outside training becomes very periodically.

Running is a straightforward sport, as long as you are layered with clothing to suit the temperature and pick safe paths to run, running training in winter is not overly complicated. Cycling, on the other hand, becomes more or less complicated during the cold winter months.

If you live in places such as California or Mallorca, You are able to ride year round without too much trouble. For those of us in the Northern climates being outside means adapting some of our daily routes and in countries such as Sweden using dubbed tires and swapping the triathlon bike to mountain bike is a must for the snow and ice.
So If you currently live in Europe and are faced with below freezing temperatures, ice, and snow. We look at a few ways to keep your fitness for the upcoming season.


Spin classes

Spin classes are a popular choice of both cyclists and triathlete’s in the winter months, a good spin class can help develop leg strength and threshold type efforts for an extended period of time. Training for a triathlon with a large group of people can help with motivation, you can also invite a friend to join and ride side by side even with different fitness levels, which isn’t possible while out on the road.

Going to a spin class usually requires no investment other than a health club or gym membership, and most Gyms can provide a shortened membership just to fill the winter months.
Highly-dependent on the instructor, it is wise to ask around about the spin instructor and look over the planned training, so you can adjust it to your schedule.


Indoor trainer

While cycling outside is our preferred choice, Northen Sweden is far from rideable in winter, to get the quality training in during winter an indoor trainer is the key. Most quality trainers aren’t cheap and if you a looking at the more focused indoor trainer with a powermeter , it can cost considerably more.

An indoor trainer well known for being portable, being able to set it up in your basement or living room and once you have finished the session, store it away again. It will provide you with a gym-quality workout at your home.

Companys such as Spinervals provide DVD quality workouts which help provide some structure and intensity to your sessions, you can also structure your week from these workouts by having one long session for aerobic and fat-burning days, a shorter high intensity session to help with speed skills, and a high-intensity threshold session for a complete weekly workout plan. Each DVD is rated with a difficulty score (10 being highest).

Trainer Road can provide estimated power data directly on your computer for a small monthly cost. It is the far most cost effective way to measure power (watts) and allowing you to test your fitness levels constantly, making sure your training is moving you in the right direction. Trainer road has numerous key workouts you can choose from, and also provides a pre-formatted 20min test that we all love. Trainer Road is a great idea if you are training for triathlon and want more out of your sessions.

Both Spinervals and Trainer Road provide quality sessions and time efficient workouts perfect for the cold and wet seasons.