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What size bike should i get

How to measure bike size


While many bicycle companies have numerous ways of how to measure bike size. As a bikefitter the question always pops up “what size bike should I get”. All bicycle companies provide a simple bike frame size chart of how to measure a bike.


bike size chart


Head tube measurement

When you’re looking at what bike size should I get, this can depend on numerous factors. Most bicycle shops tend to focus on the inseam measurement. This typically works for some people, it may not for others. Since everyone has different proportions, we also need to look at how flexible that person is. The head tube length plays a vital role in what size bike I should get and how to measure bike size.

If someone has short leg length relative to their torso, or a short inseam and is relatively inflexible in their lower back could mean focusing on that person’s inseam length will affect the height of the headtube. This won’t allow us to allow a more upright position (without flipping the stem to a more upright angle). Going up a size in the frame and adjusting the length of the stem can allow a more upright position. Shortening the length of the bike by the stem length will typically get them in the same reach position as the smaller frame.


Flexibility is a hugely overlooked factor when looking at a bike frame size chart

Studying the bike frame size chart most companies provide with both your height and inseam measurement is a good start. But incorporating a simple measurement of your lower back flexibility can pay off huge in the long run. Saddle companies like Fizik have an app where a simple measurement tool can help you do this at home.


how to measure bike size


Going into more detail, most bicycle companies have numerous models of bikes. Looking at the road bike market, someone less flexible may need to move more towards a sportif type bike. This type of road bike usually has a more relaxed geometry and taller head tube. While someone more flexible is able to get into the right position on a more race orientated frame, this can also depend on one’s structural fitness.

So what size bike should I get? that entirely depends on one’s flexibility, leg length and riding style. Booking in with your local bike fit expert, allows them to overlook your both your measurements and structural fitness, recommending you the correct frame and bike choice.