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ironman 70.3

What makes a 70.3 Triathlon Appealing

Fascination With Ironman and Half Ironman Events


The fascination people have with Ironman and Half Ironman events can be summed up in many ways. If you want to do Triathlon then focus on Sprint and Olympic distance triathlon. But if you want to look for more of a challenge then enter a 70.3 triathlon event. While this will help you ultimately prepare to step up to an Ironman. The 70.3 distance is hard in its own right.


Many things can make training for a 70.3 appealing:

  • The hours of training needed to complete the event
  • Understanding and getting to know your body well
  • Increasing your fitness and discovering your performance limits
  • Overcoming problems and obstacles
  • The share volume of training needed
  • Structuring your Triathlon training around your lifestyle
  • The uncertainty of the outcome of the result
  • Weather conditions
  • The different nature of the three sports combined

While training for a 70.3 triathlon event takes months of preparation the satisfaction of reaching the finish line sees a justification in pride at having accomplished your goal. Most people find that completing a 70.3 Triathlon sees an increase in self-confidence and physical well being.

Typically an Olympic triathlon is noted as being the standard of triathlon. However, those extra miles on the bike and feet is what makes the longer distance triathlons mythical. These type of events account for the uncertainty and anticipation felt in endurance events
The countless hours speed in the rain, wind and indoors see a development in the person’s ability to overcome obstacles, this alone is what makes an Ironman out of a Triathlete. The experience of training and development of our body gives us the opportunity to allow our mind to wander and see what is possible. This can also allow us to socialize with other like-minded triathletes and to see and enjoy the seasons changing outdoors.


Four reasons to enter an Ironman 70.3

  • 1.  Exciting for people looking to enter a new territory with the 1.9km swim, 90km bike ride and 21.1km run
  • 2.  A race that lasts for 4-6 hours that helps stimulate people to explore their the personal performance limits and set higher goals
  • 3.  To use the 70.3 triathlon distance to test there fitness levels and training before the Ironman event
  • 4.  Challenging for those that have completed numerous Ironmans but want a highly competitive event that covers a shorter distance


When is your next Ironman 70.3 race?

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