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The Basics of Fitness Walking

The Basics in Walking Fitness

Everyone needs to exercise and a little bit goes a long way. One step leads to another and that leads into more energy and better health. Starting a walking exercising program is like any other exercise you have to work your way up to your goal. Every exercise involves using different muscles and joints that normally wouldn’t use.

When you first start your new program, you won’t see a difference right than in how you feel but wait until you get up the next day and you could be very sore. It takes awhile for the soreness to set in so start out slowly and work your way up to the finish line to keep from getting sore and stiff. If you feel sore and stiff, you’ll be putting your plans on hold for a couple days so you can do it again. You want to feel the exercise working but you don’t want to hurt.

Steps to healthy walking fitness

– Check with your doctor before starting a new exercise program if you need to.
– Make a plan with a goal to give yourself something to work for.
– Start a journal to record each day’s workout and your feelings.
– Get a good pair of walking shoes.
– Decide what days your going to walk.
– Get going and start walking.

Before starting any exercising program, you need to check with your doctor if you have any health problems to get his approval. Some people don’t need to especially if there are no major health issues that could stand in the way. There are some things that the doctor will tell you to walk to help prevent more health issues. Only you and your doctor can make the decision on what exercise program is best for you.

Make a plan and where you want to go in life. Exercising is beneficial to everyone in many different ways. It can help prevent many diseases including colon cancer; an extra activity such as exercising is good for self-confidence and many other things. No one is too young or old to start exercising for fitness or health.

Writing a journal is a fun way to keep you motivated. Write in it whatever you want including your goals and plans. Record how your walking went and how you felt afterward. As you go along you can go back and see how much and hard you’ve worked to get where you are and how much further the light is at the rainbow. If you would like to have a good book on where walking is great then go here:

Make sure you have a good pair of walking shoes to fit you and the weather. If it is winter and slippery make, sure they are waterproof and have good thread to help prevent injuries by falling. The shoes need to be firm to keep the shape so they won’t rub and make sores on your feet but they need to bend easy for walking.

Set a time of day and on what days of the week you are going to walk. Change your schedule around to leave this time for your walking 5 days or more a week. Be sure the time length includes 5-10 minutes each for warm ups and cooling down time. Your walk time should be 30-60 minutes depending on you personally and what your body can handle.

Your set to go start your plan slow and work up to your goal pushing yourself a little bit further each day. Don’t expect to reach your goal the first week because that is to hard on your muscles and joints. You want to enjoy your plan and hurting isn’t the answer.