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running coaching

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revolutionize your running training

We can help you break through plateaus and revolutionize your running training through both Heart Rate and Speed measurement while finding the balance between your normal life and your running sporting goals. With daily/weekly feedback and encouragement from your running coach, we help you find the motivation needed to improve your running to another level.

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The Head Coach

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program based on your circumstances

We create a running training program based on your circumstances, This includes a running annual training layout (ATP). We start with a personal or skype meeting where you will meet your prospective running coach and we go through suggestions on an approach to the running training schedule.

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no fixed contract

We are different. We believe in helping everyone to reach their goals.That’s why we have no fixed contract on running coaching and why our customers have stayed with us a minimum of one year. We take pride in helping people realize their goals
All Services provided are by both SportCoaching. Our Coaches have many years of background in their chosen Sport and all work numerous years in this industry, we have coached hundreds of people in Endurance sports.

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Stockholm Marathon 2017 – Sweden


Lena Greus

“I received an excellent welcome, and a very serious individual plan for my continued training”



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Suitable for all levels

We use Training Peaks as a coaching platform and is accessible from any computer or mobile phone. All Programs are written in 4-week blocks following an ATP (annual training plan layout).
We have 3 Levels of Endurance Coaching Programs, which are delivered online through Trainingpeaks. Our Coaches are available 7 days a week to answer questions on training or products.

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from 5km to trail running training

If your training for a 10k run or looking for a trail running training plan we can help structure your training based on your goals. Focusing on Heartrate and speed based training approach we can help you beat your personal best times from 5km to trail running training.

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Half Marathon and Marathon training schedules

Whether you are training for a half marathon or wanting to know how to train for a marathon. We can help you structure your sessions and help you stay injury free. If you are a beginner we can provide a marathon training schedule for beginners and also a half marathon training schedule for beginners, as well as Elite athletes based towards your goal running event. With constant dialogue with your coach anywhere in the World

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based online

We use Trainingpeaks to monitor our clients running training, which means our running programs are entirely based online and can be reached from any mobile or computer device. As well as an easy to use layout and compatible with all watches on the market today. Structuring your season in the best possible way to stay injury free and produce the best results for our clients.

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7 days a week contact

You will have access to your Running coach 24/7* who can answer any product and run training question you may have. With unlimited email, chat and phone call access to us, you’ll receive the support and answers you’ve always needed for your running.