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Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge training programme

Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge Training Programme


Your lake Taupo Cycle Challenge training programme should be in full swing now. With less than 4 months to go until the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, you should be preparing yourself either to finish the event for the first time or look to set a new personal best around the lake.
While 160km can sound quite daunting, preparing early with your training and having consistency up until the event will help you both tackle the hills and distance with relative ease.
We at SportCoaching have put together a custom individual built cycling training programme ahead of the Lake Taupo event. This Lake Taupo cycle challenge training programme is based around a 12-week periodization that will help bring your fitness up to the level required to get around the lake without any added stress. With there being numerous levels of riders, we have put together three training structures up until the event.


What is needed to start the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge training programme:

  • Computer or mobile phone with Wi-Fi to upload your training to and review your plan.
  • Trainingpeaks account for which we will help set you up.
  • Either a Heart rate Monitor or power meter for more experienced riders. Beginners will use RPE (rate of perceived effort).
  • A home trainer is optional but recommended for specific sessions.
  • A home trainer or erg for specific strength training exercises.



With the Lake Taupo cycle challenge training programme we will provide you will a custom 12-week training program which is accessible from any computer or mobile phone.


Available Training Plans

  • Beginner 12 week cycling plan for Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge 129usd
  • Intermediate 12 week cycling plan for Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge 170usd
  • Elite 12 week cycling plan for Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge 200usd

Contact us below to discuss what plan you need


Setting Goals For the Event

Setting a realistic goal for the event, based on your training history, ability and the time you have available to train. Decide how much time you can commit during the build-up to the event. Assess where your current fitness lies and then base a target goal around that.
Some of these factors like work, family, and stress, can all place a burden on the time you have to train and also the recovery side of things.


Practice Events

While it’s not necessary to ride an event before the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge but it can be beneficial to ride some mass start cycling events during the training program. This will help you practice race day routines, nutrition and riding in a larger bunch. Together with Sportcoaching we can help you place these events adequately into the Lake Taupo training plan.