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triathlon training plans

Triathlon Training Plans

Importance of a Triathlon Training plan


Triathlon training plans are just that, plans. They don’t actualize until some action is taken to realize it.

We are all capable of creating a plan, but all of us don’t have the determination to see it through. Determination is a must-have quality in a triathlon. Without it, none of your training goals or race day goals will be realized.

While preparing for a triathlon, it is essential to understand the importance of capitalizing on your strengths while curtailing weaknesses. These apply to both physical and mental work. If you properly train, you will obtain new insights on how to improve yourself all around.

Everything begins with a triathlon training plan. You need to ensure that you are working with attainable goals in mind. When you reach small goals continuously, it is more likely that you will be able to see your plan through.

When you train for a triathlon, you will not only train your body, but also how your mind deals with fatigue and the negative voices in your head that tell you to quit.

Depending on the type of triathlon you are participating in will determine the length of your training time. If you are working towards a mini triathlon, you may just need a few months to get ready.

However, if you want to participate in an Ironman Triathlon, you will probably need at least a year to train.

Due to the fact that a triathlon included three different events, it is no surprise that even die-hard athletes take a long time to prepare for their races.

If you have a weakness in one of the events, it is essential that you focus on that particular sport. Once your weak sport catches up with your strong ones, you can focus on improving all three.

When training for your triathlon, you need to also make sure that your triathlon training plans include time to practice the transitions. Your body will have a difficult time adjusting to different muscle group usage.

For example, if you are going from the bike to a run it will take your body a little bit to register that a different muscle group is being used.

It is essential that you know beforehand what this transition feels like. Make sure you know the order of your events so you can plan accordingly.


triathlon training programs


Triathlon training programs are determined by each individual’s experiences


Triathlon training programs are determined by each individual’s experiences, level of performance, body physique and other factors.

The one thing that is the same for all programs regardless of skill, ability, or shape the trainee is in is the idea of focusing on your strengths and weaknesses while paying close attention to minimizing your weaknesses.

A triathlon training program won’t work for you if you never start it. Before you begin your training, you need to visit your doctor to understand any general items that you need to get taken care of before intense training. Your doctor may suggest adjusting your diet and changing some lifestyles.

After you have seen your doctor, the next thing you should do is seek the advice and professional help from a trainer, especially if you are considering training for triathlons as a lifestyle.

If you just want to participate in a triathlon for kicks, you might not need to see a professional trainer.

Good triathlon training programs will have you train the most on your weak events. You will need to make sure you gradually increase your mileage and intensity. The best triathletes train for years before they achieve a title from something like the Iron Man.

If possible, try and train in some of the locations where the race takes place, or a place that is similar to it. This will allow your body to adapt to the environment, such as altitude differences, muscle strength for certain terrain, etc.

Triathlon training programs should also help you be prepared with the equipment and gear that you will need. You don’t need top of the line items to race well.

Even though a lot of products claim to have technologies to shave off time, it still boils down to your skills and abilities to work hard during your training and your race.

Your program will also make needed changes in your training. This will help you adjust your attitude for race day. It is also a good idea to practice transitions and brick training so that your body is accustomed to going from one event to the next.

Triathlon training programs prepare you for the race and also for plans after the race has already taken place. For example, you will need a recovery period that should be planned in because most competitors have muscle injuries after a big race.