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running for weightloss

Functional Exercises And Running For Weightloss

Running for Weightloss


It’s no secret that running fitness programs are one of the most commonly-prescribed remedies to excess weight and obesity. Reason for this is because is quite simple- it works. Running for weightloss is a surefire way to get results from fat-loss efforts quickly and, if successfully integrated into one’s lifestyle, permanently.

Running & fitness go hand in hand just like Crockett and Tubbs, Starsky and Hutch, Cagney and Lacey, Donnie and… well, you get the picture. Fact is, the human body was designed for running. Blame it on evolution and our the necessity for our ancestors to chase-down (or flee from) the main course for the dinner table (or dinner rock) each day.runner

While on the topic of our ancestors, let me touch on metabolism for a bit- it’s connection to health and fitness running and successful weightloss.

During the stone age, Joe Caveman didn’t have the luxury of a Mickey D’s or 24-hour fast food joint dishing-out mammoth hotdogs round the clock. During times of scarcity- when prey wasn’t so plentiful, J. Caveman and his family had to live on roots and wild berries which aren’t really filling stuff. As a defense mechanism, their bodies developed a way to conserve the precious energy stores around their bellies by slowing-down metabolism. This brought fat-burning down to a minimum to preserve all the calories stored during times of plenty.

Needless to say, J. Caveman’s modern counterpart hardly has trouble getting calories nowadays. From those ubiquitous hot dog carts to the musical ice cream trucks and 24-hour diners, most people in fact have trouble keeping calories off. This is because our activities aren’t really that efficient in utilizing all the excess calories we gorge on. Pushing pencils, slaving away pimping-up your social networking account and driving home from work don’t really compare to sprinting after antelope on the big plains. The best way to offset the surplus of calories we get from our daily diet? You got it! Running!

Sadly, not everybody can enjoy the benefits of this prehistoric form of recreation and effective fat loss exercise. Health conditions such as cardiovascular illness, joint problems or excessive weight can prevent us from adopting a regular running fitness program. A hectic word schedule can also be detrimental to taking-up running for fitness and is probably the most common reason for lack of weight-loss exercise.


The best alternative to running for weightloss or fitness running?

Other forms of functional body exercises which involve several muscle groups in movement. Because more muscles are involved, more calories are burned and this means faster fat loss in shorter workouts! Functional body training also boost metabolism because the muscles are worked-out at different intensities- prolonging calorie-burn which can only mean one thing- visible results in less time and less effort. Improved metabolism achieved through running or functional strength training can let us get the benefits of lengthy conventional gym workouts in half the time! This is perfect for busy folks who want don’t have more than an hour to dedicate to exercising each day.