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half marathon training plan

Different half marathon training plans

Scared of the marathon training plan, but still, want to run a marathon?


Then why don’t you join the half-marathon race, instead? The only thing that matters is the word marathon in the title, anyway. Plus, it’s a stepping-stone for you to see whether or not your body is ready for the full marathon. If this is your first half-marathon, then you’ve come to the right place because we’re going to talk about some principles and basic ideas to follow for the half-marathon training plan.

There are different half-marathon training plans that are suitable to any runner –the 8-week, 10-week, 12-week, and 16-week training plans are the most popular ones. But we’re not here to discuss the difference between the four because it only varies with the time allotted for each run or workout. What we want you to understand are the basics of a half-marathon training plan.


half marathon training plan



The goal of a half-marathon training plan is to teach you these three basic rules:

First- If you’ve seen some plans over the web, you might have noticed that the mileage that you have to work on during the training is relatively low and gradually increases as you move along. This is because the plan’s goal is to teach you a solid, positive, and life-long approach in your “running” career, all you have to do is to just follow the conventions and you’ll do just fine.

Second – you only run three times a week and the rest of the days is dedicated to workouts. Each run has a specific purpose: Speedwork helps in making your run faster, Tempo Run lets you hold a faster pace during the half-marathon run, and Long Run improves your endurance. You will gradually increase all these runs as you progress to help you get used to the impact and the distance.
I hope you don’t get the idea that you will be doing all these training runs at once. The trick here is to do speedwork on Day 1, tempo run on the day after, then long run on the weekend. This way, you can increase your speed and get better as you move on with your training plan.

Lastly – if outside forces prevent you from doing your training, then take a break. Reschedule your race when you have time to train for it. There will be tons of half-marathons in a year, so don’t worry if you can’t join the next one.
Well, this is not an exact science but it will give you the feeling that it’s not as hard as it looks. Plus, you get to have the rest of the week doing some workouts or easy runs.

The half-marathon training plan is designed to get you ready for the bigger challenge – the full 26-mile marathon.

Whether you only care for the finisher’s medal, or the first place trophy, the half-marathon plan is still the best approach to prepare yourself for the big day.

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