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cycling coaching

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Heartrate and/or Power based cycling coaching

We can help you break through plateaus and revolutionize your cycling training through both Heart Rate based cycling coaching or watt based cycling coaching. we find the balance between your lifestyle and your cycling goals or events. With daily/weekly feedback and encouragement from your cycling coach, we help you find the motivation needed to improve your cycling to another level.

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Who we coach

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Continental Team – Blitz Merida

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individually based cycling programs

We create a cycling training program based on your circumstances which include current fitness level, cycling background and personal life. This includes a cycling annual training layout (ATP). We then start with a personal or skype meeting where you will meet your cycling coach and look over your current fitness levels, past cycling data and lifestyle. We then work through suggestions on an approach to the cycling training schedule.

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no fixed contract

We are different. We believe in helping everyone to reach their goals. That’s why we are available 7 days a week with direct contact with your cycling coach. We have no fixed contract and that’s why we see most cyclists stay with us for a minimum of 1 years coaching.We take pride in helping people realize their goals
All Services provided are by both SportCoaching. Our Coaches have many years of background in cycling and have worked numerous years in this industry as well as worked with numerous cycling teams. With over hundreds of personal bests, you know you’re in good hands. .

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Melvin Friis – 3rd Ungdoms Cykelvasan


Nils Svensson

“I contacted Graeme in order to improve my running and road cycling. We’ve been in contact all through the way, and I have improved my capacity. The greatest improvement is that I can now run without feeling any pain in my knees, and my back problems are almost completely gone.“

Cyclist & Runner


Who we currently coach

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Mountainbike Team – Team Swesports, Sweden

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Suitable for all levels

Our custom cycling training programs are based on your current fitness and background. We have 3 Levels of Cycling Coaching Programs, which are delivered online through Trainingpeaks. We work with beginner cyclists and up to professional athletes. All programs are written based on your background and knowledge to help you understand and learn along the way.

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training plans for everyone

We have coached numerous cyclists from Continental cycling teams through to Mountainbike teams. We can customize your schedule from a 10 week cycling training plan to your goal race or a road cycling training plan for beginners whether you are training for a cycling tour or a single race such as the Lake Taupo Cycling Classic. We also look after mountain bike training plan for beginners as well as Elite mountainbikers

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Elite cyclists

We look after many Elite cyclists and mountain bikers around the world. Basing their training of Power and/or HR with a complete structure aimed at reach peak performance for their peak races during the season. We provide individual cycling training program for racing as well as Mountainbike training for the entire season.

Stian nybøle lie – 3rd place Elite MTB Norway

Joakim – 3rd Swedish Time Trial championships

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based online

We use Training Peaks as a cycling coaching platform and is accessible from any computer or mobile phone anywhere in the world. All Programs are written in 4-week blocks following an ATP (annual training plan layout). We have 3 Levels of Cycling Coaching Programs, which are delivered online through Trainingpeaks. Our Coaches are available 7 days a week to answer questions on training or products.

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7 days a week contact

Most cycling coaches have limited contact time, we are different. We want to see you succeed and develop in cycling and that’s why we have 7 days a week* contact time, so you can assure your coach can help you develop along the way.