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coaching guide

cycling training

coaching guide

Our coach will contact you each month regarding the details for the coming month, the coach looks at your availability to train during the coming month and bases the training around your lifestyle. It is aware of your daily routine for the coming month is constantly updated with your coach to ensure training is structured around your lifestyle.

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uploading of data

Each session, you upload your data or workout into training peaks on the relevant day, you have the option to comment on the training session below the workout details. The more information you provide the more details the coach can work from.

You have the option to track your day to day metrics, which includes your stress level, sleep pattern and daily weight.

Training Peaks supports over 90 devices for uploading which can include details such as Power, Heart Rate, Cadence, Speed and provides numerous charts for monitoring the clients training.

The training peaks online calendar records all information provided by your head unit or watch which allows you to glance over your training for a selected period of time


You set up your personal information and we will provide details for a test to determine your training zones. Your training will be based around these zones each day.

Your coach will send you a link connecting your Trainingpeaks personal account with the Coaches account after all relevant information is provided (sign up form). Your training is set out by your Coach in the Training Peaks calendar. This information is available online and available to view on Android and iOS.

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Planning of the season

We start with diagnosis and contact. We test you to understand your strengths, weakness, and lifestyle in order to apply the correct training Program.

Using Periodized Training, Our coach plots your training over time to help you understand each phase of your training and adjust the program to your lifestyle.

Training Zones
Knowing how hard to train is a key to success for any athlete. Our coach sets your training levels to specific wattage, speed or heart rate based on tests in your key sport. Our coach constantly updates your training zones based on numerous factors and adapts the training as your body is able to handle more training load and increase in adaption.

Peaking and recoverying

Monthly Testing
As you become fitter we need to update both your training zones and training load, a monthly test allows you to monitor these changes and apply it to your schedule. Make sure you are working the most effective way possible.

Tapering and Peaking
With daily analysis from our coaches, we better understand when to recover, tapering to your key event, applying strategies to races and planning for future events.

We analyze your training weekly to follow your recovery and adjust any parameters whether it be from sickness or your lifestyle.

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We have helped hundreds of athletes around the world reach their goals, that’s why we have 3 months minimum contract and why our clients have stayed with coaching for at least 1year. We pride ourselves in helping and developing athletes. Sportcoaching has helped beginners to world championships and Olympics.

*1 month notice is required to cancel coaching subscription

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based on your lifestyle

We know everyone has a different lifestyle,
that’s why we plan the training based around your life. We analyze your lifestyle and current fitness and goals. Then put together a session based program towards those goals.

The overall layout (ATP) is based on the season, but we write the training blocks every 4 weeks, So we can make changes in the program dependent on you response to the training and to also unforeseen circumstances around your life or sickness.

We analyze your training and make adjustments in the schedule along the way. With regular testing can adapt the training around increase of fitness or weakness’s we need to address

We have unlimited contact time* so we are able to constantly evaluate your sessions and fitness level.