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Boxing Coaching

Increase your fitness in the ring. We have worked with numerous international boxers looking to both develop their endurance in the ring, increase their speed and develop a new level of fitness. Along the way, we have picked up Swedish national titles in Both 75kg and 81kg weight class, as well as a Nordic Boxing Championship Title, 3rd place in the African Boxing Championships and also qualification to the 2016 Rio Olympics. We currently also work with Professional Boxers.

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We look outside the box of the typical Boxing training, we develop each boxer’s potential in the ring to a new level. We train smart and time efficient around your lifestyle where we base the training with an annual training layout (ATP). We start with a personal or skype meeting where you will meet your coach and we go through suggestions on an approach to what we can improve inside of the ring.

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We are different. We believe in helping everyone to reach their goals.That’s why we have 3  months of minimum contract time with boxing coaching and why our clients have worked with us, a minimum of 3 years. We take pride in helping people realize their goals
All Services provided are by both SportCoaching. Our Coaches have many years of background in their chosen Sport and all work numerous years in this industry. We have coached hundreds of people across many Endurance sports.

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Leon chartoi – Swedish & Nordic Champion

Suitable for all levels

We use Training Peaks as a coaching platform and is accessible from any computer or mobile phone. All Programs are written in 4-week blocks following an ATP (annual training plan layout).
We have 3 Levels of Endurance Coaching Programs, which are delivered online through Trainingpeaks. Our Coaches are available 7 days a week to answer questions on training or products.

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based online

We use Trainingpeaks to monitor our clients Boxing coaching and training, which means our boxing coaching programs are entirely based online and can be reached from any mobile or computer device, anywhere in the world. As well as an easy to use layout and compatible with all watches on the market today. Structuring your season in the best possible way to stay injury free and produce the best results for our clients.


7 days a week contact

You will have direct access to your Boxing coach both online and via Skype or email 24/7* We are available to 7 days a week to follow up any boxing coaching questions or available to analyze any session directly. With us, you will receive the support and answers you’ve always needed to excel with your boxing.


“Thankyou man! And thanks for Caring. I appreciate it. Soon I will be in shape and then its time to start looking for flights. Have a good night”


“Choosing to start to work with sportcoaching would turn to be one of the best things for my career. I did runs I never thought were possible, in just a year I qualified for the RIO 2016 which wouldn’t have been as easy without sportcoaching. So want to perform on a higher level use sportcoaching. Two times Olympian Katende”