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Busy start to the season

It has been a busy start to the season. But probably one of the best starts to the season I’ve had as a coach. Two of our Boxers have headed over to American with one of them chasing a professional contract. While the other is preparing for his 2nd professional fight.

On the cycling front, we have seen over 16 personal best power results over 20mins since January, with one of the youngest, we coach making progress of over 50watts the past few weeks. We now have helped over 40 clients produce over 300watts over 20mins.

Jonas made a great start to the cycling season with a 3rd place in a bike race in Norway this weekend, and Laura has completed numerous races in the UK in the build up to Lanzarote and this coming weekend is running the Manchester Marathon.

Most of our running clients are building up for racing later in the season and are starting to hit form now ahead of some target Marathons around the world as well as other races, so we expect to see some great results in the coming months.

On the Triathlon front, we are still some months away from the first Ironman and half Ironman events we are scheduled for. The winter foundation has been laid, and the form is coming up.

The mountain biking team are making progress, we came off a 3-day training camp where we did 4 hard days, with a 100km day of motor pacing thrown in. Expect some good results this year from the team.