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10k training plan running

10k Training Plan for Running

Running is considered as the most interesting activity that people love to do today. Many people love to run for several reasons. Some would run for health reasons as a way of getting a healthier life, some would run to lose weight and others would run as a preparation for a tight competition. Whatever your reasons are, it is always important that you run with a plan. It is the same story that goes when you plan to run for 10k. There is a need that you will have a 10k training plan. What is a 10k training plan? It is really important to have a 10k training plan? These questions will be answered as you read on the article.


Let’s begin with knowing what is a 10k training plan

If you ask what is a10k training plan and what is it all about? A 10k training plan is a set of schedule and activities that you have to do in order to prepare your self with a 10k running distance. A 10k training plan also includes tips and guidance in order for you to reach your goal and finish 10k running distance. They say that a 10k distance run is something to be considered as an achievement for those who love running a lot. However, every runner is still capable of running a longer distance than 10k.

Today, most of the people are so much busy with their schedule in life. It is definitely difficult to squeeze in your training runs into your hectic schedule with friends, family, work, and many more. Worry no more since the 10k training plan is not designed to create conflict with your personal schedule. A 10k training plan is always designed with flexibility according to your own preferences and schedule.


Factors to consider in a 10k training plan

Despite the flexibility of a 10k training plan, still, there are some factors that you need to consider in a 10k training plan. Please consider the following considerations listed below.



When you make a 10k training plan, the distance of your complete run should be a priority and the first thing to consider. If you want to have a successful 10k training plan, you should be able to finish at least 6.2 miles in running. However, if you consider yourself as an average runner or a middle distance runner, it is recommended that you should not miss any long training runs. When you do a 10k training plan, be sure to add 1 mile to your longest run every week until you can finish 10k distance run. If you did it successfully, then your 10k training plan is a success as well.


If you aim to get faster and to have a new personal record in running, then you need to consider your speed in a 10k training plan. Interval workouts are also advantageous in doing a 10k training plan. Why is speed important in making your 10k training plan? It is simply because you need a great speed in order to finish a goal in running especially if you are planning to reach a 10k distance. In every running distance, whether you are still considered a novice in running or an expert, speed plays an essential role in running. A good 10k training plan should also emphasize your speed.


This is the most important factor that should never be neglected in running or doing run training. Rest is important because too much running could lead to severe muscle pain and injury. Always allocate a certain day that you take a rest from strenuous training.